Historical and Archeological Places Chamba Chamba is an ancient town of Himachal Pradesh. The history of this place, according to records, dates back to 2nd century. The Maru dynasty ruled this place from ancient capital Bharmaur. Since then about 7 dynasties have ruled here. Chamba is known for its palaces, temples, “pahari” paintings, arts and … Read more

01.11.17 Himachal Pradesh (HPPCS) Current Affairs

HIMACHAL PRADESH   Devotees throng Kangra temple during ‘Panch Bisham’ festival   Thousands of pilgrims thronged Jayanti Mata temple on the fourth day of the five-day Panch Bisham festival. The fair celebrates the marriage of Tulsi with Saligram.   The temple, which is located on a hillock overlooking the Kangra valley, is a major attraction … Read more

Climate of Himachal Pradesh

Climate of Himachal Pradesh The climate varies across the state with the altitude. In the southern low tracks between an altitude of 400-900 it is hot sub humid type, between 900-1800m altitude warm & temperate, between 900-2400m cool & temperate, cold alpine & glacial above 2400- 4800m altitude. Bilaspur, Kangra, Mandi, Sirmour, and Una districts … Read more

Relief and Structure of Himachal Pradesh

Relief and Structure of Himachal Pradesh The area covered by Himachal Pradesh lies in most complicated geological regions of Outer or sub-Himalayan zone, Lower Himalayan zone, Higher Himalayan zone, Tethys Himalayan zone. The highest relative relief (more than 5,100 m) is found in the eastern part of the state, covering the western part of Kinnaur, … Read more

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