DMPQ Premium- Describe how home stay scheme,2008 is playing an important role in the promotion of tourism in Himachal pradesh.

With the aim of providing comfortable Home Stay facilities of standardized world class services to the tourists, and to supplement the availability of accommodation in the rural tourist destinations, State Government introduces Home Stay Facilities on the basis of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India “Incredible India Bed and Breakfast scheme. The basic idea is … Read more

DMPQ Premium- Discuss the significance of Cottage and Small Scale Industries in Himachal Pradesh’s economy.

A large number of families are engaged in Village & Cottage industries in the State such as Khadi, Village Oil, leather products, FVPP, Gur Khandsari, Carpentry & black smithy, Lime, pottery, Fibre, Bee Keeping, P.C.P.I. Cottage Match, HMP, Cane and Bamboo, Katha Industry, Medicinal Herbs, Soap, Gums & Rosine, Aluminum, Service Industry, Textile Industry, Brass … Read more

DMPQ Premium-The Government of Himachal Pradesh has taken several steps to create the successful start ups. Explain the above statement.

. In order to turn the educated youth from job seekers to job creator and in order to give support to the ‘Startup’ and ‘innovative projects’ in the state and to provide skills to the youth and potential investors to develop entrepreneurship “Chief Minister’s Startup/Innovation Projects/New Industries Scheme” has been formulated. The scheme envisages various … Read more

DMPQ Premium-Write a brief note about the government efforts in generating employment in Himachal pradesh.

In view to tackle the unemployment situation over the recent years, Employment generation programmes (EGPs) have emerged as important employment policy tool in India, like other developing countries. This policy envelope includes a wide range of activities intended to increase labour demand; to increase the quality of labour supply or to improve the matching of … Read more

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