DMPQ Premium- Throw a light on Various policies framed by the Government of Himachal Pradesh for the socioeconomic development of Scheduled Castes.

Scheduled Castes Sub Plan The Govt for the first time formulated a Special Component Plan (SCP) in 1979-80 now renamed as Scheduled Caste Sub Plan (SCSP) for the Scheduled Castes as part of the State Plan. The Scheduled Caste Sub Plan is specifically designed to channelize the flow of benefits and outlays from the general … Read more

DMPQ Premium-Throw light on main features of Himachal Pradesh Public Service Guarantee Act 2011.

. Right to Public Services legislation in Himachal pradesh comprises statutory law which guarantee time bound delivery of services for various public services rendered by the Government to citizen and provides mechanism for punishing the errant public servant who is deficient in providing the service stipulated under the statute. Key provisions of the act are … Read more

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