Populations of Himachal Pradesh

Populations  of Himachal Pradesh The population of Himachal has been increasing continuously over the years. However the growth rate of total population shows a decreasing trend over the last three decades. In 2011 the total provisional population of Himachal Pradesh is 68, 64,602 out of which 34, 81,873 were males (51%) and 33, 82,729 (49%) … Read more

Climate of Himachal Pradesh

Climate of Himachal Pradesh The climate varies across the state with the altitude. In the southern low tracks between an altitude of 400-900 it is hot sub humid type, between 900-1800m altitude warm & temperate, between 900-2400m cool & temperate, cold alpine & glacial above 2400- 4800m altitude. Bilaspur, Kangra, Mandi, Sirmour, and Una districts … Read more

Soils of Himachal Pradesh

Soils of Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh is situated in the north-western part of Himalaya. Most of the geographical area of the state comes under forest, pasture, and grazing land; agriculture is possible only on less than ten percent of the state’s net area. The physiography and climatic condition in the state favours diversified potential for … Read more

Vegetation of Himachal Pradesh

Vegetation of Himachal Pradesh The Forests of Himachal Pradesh known for their grandeur and majesty are like a green pearl in the Himalayan crown. This life supporting systems are presently under great stress due to impact of modern civilization, economic development and growth in human and cattle population. According to National Forest Policy, 1988, at … Read more

Wildlife in Himachal Pradesh

Wildlife in Himachal Pradesh The naturally beautiful Himachal Pradesh has some of the greatest places to see. It has more than enough to offer to the travellers and tourists. Situated in the northern part of India this hilly state has a great landscape and topography which has allowed it to flourish in tourism, wild life … Read more

Geographical location of Himachal Pradesh

Geographical location of Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh is situated between 30 degree 22′ 40” to 33 degree 12’ 20” north latitudes and 75 degree 45′ 55″ to 79 degree 04’ 20” east longitudes. Himachal Pradesh is predominantly a mountainous State located in North – West India. It shares an international border with China. The altitude … Read more

Relief and Structure of Himachal Pradesh

Relief and Structure of Himachal Pradesh The area covered by Himachal Pradesh lies in most complicated geological regions of Outer or sub-Himalayan zone, Lower Himalayan zone, Higher Himalayan zone, Tethys Himalayan zone. The highest relative relief (more than 5,100 m) is found in the eastern part of the state, covering the western part of Kinnaur, … Read more

Hazard Profile of State Himachal Pradesh

Hazard Profile of State Himachal Pradesh State of Himachal is prone to various hazards both natural and manmade. Main hazards consist of earthquakes, landslides, flash floods, snow storms and avalanches, draughts, dam failures, fires – domestic and wild, accidents – road, rail, air, stampedes, boat capsizing, biological, industrial and hazardous chemicals etc. Earthquake: The hazard … Read more

River System of Himachal Pradesh

River System of Himachal Pradesh The Himalaya houses a vast reservoir of moisture both in the form of ice, fresh water, and underground water. The rivers draining Himalayas sustain life in the Northern part of Indian sub-continent. There are five main rivers which flow through Himachal Pradesh. Four out of these five rivers found mention … Read more

Minerals in Himachal Pradesh

Minerals in Himachal Pradesh The state of Himachal Pradesh with numerousglaciers, a large network of perennial streams/rivers,extensive vegetative cover has following naturalresources. Nearly the entire area of Himachal Pradeshhas been covered by systematic geological mappingwith the reported occurrence of a number of nonmetallic,metallic and other minerals. A variety ofminerals are known from the state but … Read more

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