DMPQ Premium- Describe how home stay scheme,2008 is playing an important role in the promotion of tourism in Himachal pradesh.

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With the aim of providing comfortable Home Stay facilities of standardized world class services to the tourists, and to supplement the availability of accommodation in the rural tourist destinations, State Government introduces Home Stay Facilities on the basis of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India “Incredible India Bed and Breakfast scheme. The basic idea is to provide a clean and affordable place for foreigners and domestic tourists alike including an opportunity for foreign tourists to stay with Himachali families to experience Himachali customs and traditions and relish authentic Indian/Himachali cuisine.

The Home Stay scheme shall have the following objectives:

  • Broaden the stake holder’s base for tourism in the State;
  • Take tourism to the rural and interior areas of the State;
  • Decongest the Urban areas, which cannot support any further tourism load;
  • Provide employment and economic values in the interior areas;
  • The activity shall be ecologically sustainable.


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