DMPQ Premium- Discuss the significance of Cottage and Small Scale Industries in Himachal Pradesh’s economy.

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A large number of families are engaged in Village & Cottage industries in the State such as Khadi, Village Oil, leather products, FVPP, Gur Khandsari, Carpentry & black smithy, Lime, pottery, Fibre, Bee Keeping, P.C.P.I. Cottage Match, HMP, Cane and Bamboo, Katha Industry, Medicinal Herbs, Soap, Gums & Rosine, Aluminum, Service Industry, Textile Industry, Brass Copper, Rasin, PVC & Candle, Electronics &, Bio-tech etc.

Himachal Pradesh is now on its way to rapid industrialisation through co-ordinate and simultaneous development of micro, small, medium sector of industries. The State has registered remarkable progress in the development of MSME sector during the last few years.

Sericulture is emerging as one of the important cottage industry in the state. This is providing subsidiary employment to the farmers and also supplementing their income by way of rearing silkworms for production of silk cocoons. The Government of Himachal Pradesh has given high priority to the development of sericulture industry because it has a great potential to raise the income level of small and marginal farmers. The state has suitable climate for blvoltine mulberry sericulture. Sericulture is eco-friendly occupations, which requires no energy and take minimum gestation period and less investment.


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