DMPQ Premium- Himachal pradesh has many advantages to support the biotechnology based industries. Discuss.

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Himachal Pradesh is an ideal destination to invest in biotechnology based industries because of the following advantages over other States:

Biodiversity: The State is endowed with rich plant, animal and microbial biodiversity. There are many rare plants, particularly in the upper reaches of Himalayas, which have immense potential for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Eco-diversity:The State in unique in having varied ecological conditions. Depending upon the eco-geographical conditions, different flora and fauna predominates in different areas.

Pollution-free environment: Because of low population density and thick vegetative cover, the State is free from the pollution.

Mild climate: Unlike the neighbouring plains, the climate of the State remains mild for most part of the year. This is advantageous for those industries, which require controlled environment, especially cooling during summer months.

Availability of industrial land, water and electricity: There are three basic requirements to establish and sustain industrial units. There is adequate wasteland, which can be used to setup industries. The State has enough and cheap electricity, available throughout the year. Water, mostly from the natural perennial sources fed by snow meting is in abundance.

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