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New power sub-station to benefit 60,000 people of Bharmaur area

The newly constructed 33 KV line has been connected to the 400/220/33 KV sub-station, Lahal in the tribal area of Bharmaur in Chamba district. With capacity of 315 mega volt amp (MVA), this sub-station has recently been completed by Himachal Pradesh Transmission Corporation Limited at a cost of about Rs 263 crore. The Lahal sub-station will strengthen power supply in Bharmaur region.

With the new arrangement, the 33 KV newly-constructed transmission line, about 3 km long from the sub-station, Dinaka (Bharmaur) has been connected to the 400 KV sub-station, Lahal. A cost of about Rs 78 lakh has been incurred on construction of the 3km long transmission line to benefit 60,000 area residents.



World Cancer Day: February 4

World Cancer Day is observed every year on 4 February by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC).

The day aims to raise awareness and education about cancer, and pressing governments and individuals across the world to take action against the disease.

World Cancer Day 2021 theme: ‘I Am and I Will’

US extends new START Nuclear Arms Control Treaty with Russia for five years


The United States has extended the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) nuclear arms control treaty with Russia for five years.

President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin reportedly discussed it by phone a week ago, and Mr Putin signed it into law.

The treaty had been set to lapse on 5 February, as the Trump administration had refused to approve the extension.

Now the pact has been extended to 5th February 2026.

The treaty, which first went into effect in 2011, limits the United States and Russia to deploying no more than 1,550 strategic nuclear warheads each and imposes restrictions on the land- and submarine-based missiles and bombers to deliver them.





Jal Shakti Ministry launches portal on Gobardhan scheme


The Jal Shakti Ministry launched a unified portal on the ‘Gobardhan’ scheme.

Under the new unified approach, all these programmes/schemes will be coordinated by the Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation under the Swachh Bharat Mission – Grameen (SBMG).

The Gobardhan scheme is being pursued as a priority programme under the Swachch Bharat Mission Grameen-Phase 2.

The Jal Shakti Ministry is implementing the Swachch Bharat Mission.

Gobardhan scheme was launched in early 2018 to manage the prevailing issues of bio-waste in villages, including cattle waste and converting them into biogas and organic manure to improve the lives of villagers by providing economic and resource benefits to farmers and households.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands becomes first Union Territory to be corona free


Andaman and Nicobar Islands has become the first state or Union territory in the country to become Covid-19 free with active cases falling to zero in the islands.

Health ministry’s website reported that the last four infected persons in Andaman and Nicobar Islands have been declared cured.

The UT had reported a total of 4,932 cases and 62 deaths from the virus.

States start road shows to boost domestic tourism


Various state tourism departments have started doing road shows in various cities to revive the industry which has been affected the most by the pandemic. While Gujarat is trying to sell the Statue of Unity, Odisha is promoting religious and beach tourism products in markets like Rajasthan and Gujarat to attract domestic tourists.
Rajasthan, which is currently working on a similar strategy, is participating in travel marts scheduled in February and March to attract domestic tourists as uncertainty hangs over the movement of international tourists.


Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) by the Government


The Government of Andhra Pradesh informed that they seized 435.80 metric tons of Rice worth Rs. 1,08,95,000 /- was originally used in the Public Distribution System (PDS), but was illegally exported.


The Department of Food and Public Distribution has taken various measures to improve the transparency and efficiency of TPDS functioning.

The Department in association with all states/UTs jointly implemented an “End-to-End Computerization of TPDS operations” scheme, which includes:

Digitization of ration card/beneficiary data

Install Electronic Point of Sale (ePoS) equipment in all Fair Price Shops (FPSs).


In addition, among the 5.4 Lakh FPS nationwide, almost 92% distribute food grains through ePoS devices.

At the national level, after passing the biometric authentication on the ePoS device, more than 70% of the monthly food allocated to each State/UTs has been distributed to NFSA beneficiaries.


ATMA Scheme by the Indian Government


The government has taken the following steps to educate/train farmers across the country to learn about the latest machinery and technology so as to improve the quality of crops and increase yield and income by adopting the latest farming technology.

Since 2005, a Centrally-Sponsored Scheme is being implemented, that is, ” Support to State Extension Programs for Extension Reforms”, popularly called ATMA Scheme.

ATMA stands for Agricultural Technology Management Agency.

It is being implemented in 691 districts in 28 states and 5 UTs in the country.

This scheme promotes a decentralized farmer-friendly extension system in the country.

Under the scheme, grants were issued to the State Government to support the state Government’s efforts to provide farmers with the latest agricultural technology and good agricultural practices in different agricultural thematic areas and related fields.


Ayush Ministrys Center of Excellence (CoE) Scheme


The Center for Market Research and Social Development (CMRSD) conducted the latest evaluation of the AYUSH Ministry of Excellence (CoE) program. New Delhi expressed appreciation for the innovation and innovative projects of the program, which is promoting AYUSH-based healthcare solutions in the country in Different regions.


According to the CoE scheme of the Ministry of AYUSH, the well-known AYUSH institutions are provided with support to upgrade their functions and facilities to an excellent level.


GoI Implemented the TARA Scheme


The Science for Equity, Empowerment & Development (SEED) Division, Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India, implemented the Technological Advancement for Rural Areas (TARA) Scheme.

This scheme provides long-term Core Support for Science and Technology based Non-Governmental Organizations to promote their development and cultivation of “S&T Incubators”/“Active Field Laboratories” in rural areas and other disadvantaged areas, and provide technical solutions and effective technologies delivered for livelihood and social benefits.

It focuses on innovation, long-term actions, applicability, and enterprise models, and shifts to non-farm and service sectors.

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