Art forms of Himachal Pradesh

Art forms of Himachal Pradesh The ancient art of Himachal Pradesh has survived in the form of  Temple architecture , wood carvings , stone and metal sculptures , paintings and Chamba Rumals. This art can be divided into three groups :- Khasha Art Indo Aryan Indo Tibetan The most ancient art and architecture of Himachal … Read more

Handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh

Handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh Among handicrafts that come out of Himachal Pradesh state in India are carpets, leather works, shawls, paintings, metal ware, woodwork and paintings. Pashmina  shawl is the product which is highly in demand not only in Himachal but all over the country. Colourful Himachali caps are also famous art work of the people. One tribe, Dom, is expert in … Read more

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