19.01.18 Himachal Pradesh (HPPCS) Current Affairs

HIMACHAL PRADESH   ‘112’ to be common no. for all emergency services   The state Police Department will replace emergency call number ‘100’ with ‘112’ under the Centre’s Nationwide Emergency Respond System (NERS). People in distress will have to dial ‘112’ for police assistance.   Under this project, ‘112’ will be the single common number … Read more

06-12-2017 Himachal Pradesh (HPPCS) Current Affairs

HIMACHAL PRADESH   Policy to combat drug menace soon   The police will undertake exhaustive documentation of the areas under narcotic cultivation and the extent of problem to prepare a policy framework so that a sustained campaign for eradication, enforcement, awareness and rehabilitation can be undertaken against the drug menace.   Having constituted a task … Read more

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