Important international Institutions, agencies and fora, their structure and mandate.

An international organization is an organization with an international membership, scope, or presence. There are two main types: International nongovernmental organizations(INGOs): non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that operate internationally. These include international non-profit organizations and worldwide companies such as the World Organization of the Scout Movement, International Committee of the Red Cross. Intergovernmental organizations, also known as international governmental organizations (IGOs): the type of organization most closely associated with … Read more

17.01.18 Himachal Pradesh (HPPCS) Current Affairs

HIMACHAL PRADESH   Women commission gets new chairperson   HP Government set in the process of appointing politicians as chairpersons/vice-chairpersons of boards and corporations and other statutory bodies and nominated senior party leader and former chairperson of the Parwanoo Municipal Council Dr Daisy Thakur as Chairperson of the Himachal Pradesh State Commission for Women (HPSCW) … Read more

04.11.17 Himachal Pradesh (HPPCS) Current Affairs

HIMACHAL PRADESH   With e-ballots, Himachal Pradesh may see jump in soldiers voting   Serving armed forces personnel from Himachal Pradesh are expected to cast their vote in large numbers in the upcoming assembly election in the hill state with the Election Commission implementing the electronically transmitted postal ballot system (ETPBS) here. The system was first implemented in the Goa assembly … Read more

03.11.17 Himachal Pradesh (HPPCS) Current Affairs

HIMACHAL PRADESH   Himachal promises surplus electricity to investors Himachal, which claims to account for 25 per cent of the country’s total hydel power potential, is promising uninterrupted electricity supply to companies investing in the hill state.   At the sixth edition of the CII Invest North 2017 event held here, officials from Himachal showcased … Read more

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