India’s look east policy

India’s Look East policy   Abstract   The Look East policy has emerged as an important foreign policy initiative of India in the post-Cold War period. It was launched in 1991 by the then Narasimha Rao Government with the aim of developing political contacts, increasing economic integration and forging security cooperation with countries of Southeast … Read more

Politics of sub-regionalism and pressure groups in the State

Politics of sub-regionalism and pressure groups in the Himachal Pradesh:- A sub-region refers to a small area within a region. Due to various factors, the people of a sub-region feel that they possess a distinct identity. A movement for the separation of that sub-region from a state or for the redressal of grievances in the … Read more

Indian Diaspora

India’s Cultural diplomacy and Indian Diaspora Cultural diplomacy is a specified form of diplomacy that encourages a deliberate effort of cultural exchange. It facilitates the understanding of foreign cultural dynamics. Itis exchange of ideas, information, art, lifestyles, value systems, traditions, beliefs another aspects of cultures.   The Indian Diaspora is a generic term to describe … Read more

07.11.17 Himachal Pradesh (HPPCS) Current Affairs

HIMACHAL PRADESH   Poll candidates must reveal source of income: Council   The Social Welfare Council of India has demanded that a mandatory provision be made for declaring the source of income and means adopted for acquiring assets by candidates contesting state Assembly or Lok Sabha elections.   The council in a resolution adopted by … Read more

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