DMPQ- Suggest some measures to curb the threats arise from the communalism.

. Communalism in India is used to denote the differences between the various religious groups and differences among the people of different communities. And generally it is used to catalyse communal violence between those groups.

  • There is a need to reform the present criminal justice system, speedy trials and adequate compensation to the victims, may act as a deterrent.
  • Increase in representation of minority communities and weaker sections in all wings of law-enforcement, training of forces in human rights, especially in the use of firearms in accordance with UN code of conduct.
  • Codified guidelines for the administration, specialised training for the police force to handle communal riots and setting up special investigating and prosecuting agencies can help in damping major communal disgruntlement.
  • Emphasis on value-oriented education with focus on the values of peace, non-violence, compassion, secularism and humanism as well as developing scientific temper (enshrined as a fundamental duty) and rationalism as core values in children both in schools and colleges/universities can prove vital in preventing communal feelings.
  • Governments can adopt models followed by countries like Malaysia that have developed early-warning indicators to prevent racial clashes.
  • Government can encourage and support civil society and NGOs to run projects that help create communal awareness, build stronger community relations and cultivate values of communal harmony in the next generation.
  • There is a need for minority welfare schemes to be launched and implemented efficiently by administration to address the challenges and various forms of discrimination faced by them in jobs, housing and daily life.
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