DMPQ: Government policies and schemes for the welfare of tribals have not borne the desired result. List down the causes of the ineffectiveness of the schemes and policies . Give some suggestions to improve their condition.

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Tribal areas are defined as an island of extreme poverty. About 85% of the tribal people are living below poverty line and 48% are still illiterate. The causes are as follows:

  • Inadequate implementation of Constitutional safeguards.
  • Denial of participation to tribals in development process
  • Lack of accountability : Tribal administration is still elusive from any list in the 7th
  • Lack of tribal leadership: Tribal Panchsheel ideology remain on papers.
  • Land alienation and displacement without adequate safeguards.
  • Exploitation in forestry and other economic activities
  • Socio- Cultural factors( Think)



  • Unfettered participation of tribals,
  • Loopholes in various laws need to be plugged.
  • Steps for effective enforcement of law.
  • No intermediaries or middle men between tribals and the government.
  • Extend the provisions of the Vi schedule of the © to all the V schedule areas as well as other tribal majority areas already identified within or outside the tribal sub plan.
  • The funds for the proposed Vi she.areas should be earmarked separately and release directly by the Union Government.

Need of closer understanding of ethos; There is need of change in approach and attitude towards the tribals, Instead of working for them, we should work with them.

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