DMPQ- Explain the Causes and solutions of Religious Conflicts.

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Causes of Religious Conflicts
1. Difference in beliefs: People belonging to different religions have difference in their beliefs. This difference often leads to conflict.
2. Poor upbringing: The religious belief of a person has its root in his childhood. People learn what they see. If their ancestors were intolerant towards other religions, then they also do the same thing. Human beings themselves create religious violence.
3. Lack of education: Illiterate people can be easily mis-guided by people who want to spread violence in the name of religion.
4. The mindset of some people who think other religions as small often leads to communal conflict. These people try to dominate over people of other religion.
Negative effects: Sometimes conflicts between communities leads to violence and crimes. People become fearful and it affects the overall progress of the country. The lack of communal harmony in society leads to disunity.
Solutions of Religious Belifs
 The solution for religious violence is in the hands of the people only. People should gain proper knowledge and develop better understanding.
 By removing the thoughts of cruelty, one can correctly judge what’s right or wrong. Awareness must be created and for this media will be very useful.

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