DMPQ-Discuss how Digital Technology is transforming the Agriculture.

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Over the past fifty years, the agricultural sector has undergone a significant shift. Farm machinery has become vast, better, and more productive because of technological advances, enabling the more efficient cultivation of wider areas.

With the help of cutting-edge tech in agriculture, precise methods of cultivation, and automation devices, organizations may function more economically, efficiently, securely, and sustainably. Because these inputs are readily available, using natural resources and methods to enhance crop productivity and cut expenditures is important. Water, manure, and chemicals no longer need to be applied uniformly across the field by farmers. Rather, they can utilize the least quantity possible, focus on particular areas, or even treat different vegetation. A few advantages are:

  • A higher yield from the crops
  • Reduced negative effects on natural habitats
  • An improvement in worker safety
  • Reductions in the usage of fertilizer, water, and
  • Minimal usage of water, manure, and insecticides keep food prices low.
  • Lower chemical discharge into streams and rivers
  • Automated systems also make it possible to oversee and sustainably manage the quality of the air and water—more efficiently.
  • Additionally, it provides farmers and other producers more control over the growing, processing, transporting, and preserving of plants and animals, which results in higher productivity and cheaper costs.
  • Safer growth environments and food
  • Reduced influence on the environment and the ecosystem


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