DMPQ: Why India adopted parliamentary form of government? Write down the merits and demerits of parliament government?

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India was under the British rule where parliament form of government was in operation. Even during the course of the freedom movement, people of the country got familiarized with the principles of parliamentary government.

Further a charm for giving  priority to responsibility over  stability was another reason. The constitutional makers wanted to avoid heroic worship especially on communal reason. Hence they didn’t go for Presidential form of government. Multi ethnic population was another criteria.

Hence India adopted parliamentary form of government. It has various advantages firstly it provides a deft coordination between legislature and executive due to responsible government. It provides responsible government. It prevents despotism due to diffusion of powers. Regional representation is wide and it is good for multi- cultural, multi ethnic and diverse country like India.

But there are some demerits with parliamentary form of government. Chances of unstable government is high. It might keep a country in electioneering mode. Hence wastage of money and men power. It is against the fundamental principle of balance of power. Legislature and executive having fused membership. Even though wide representation but equality of representation is absent.

But Parliamentary form of government has work well for India. It has able to provide the sanctity to the vision of constitution makers.


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