DMPQ-“The proposed amendments to the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) (Cadre) Rules of 1954 are making Indian federalism a combative federalism.” Explain.

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The proposed amendments to the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) (Cadre) Rules of 1954 have triggered another round of conflict between the Centre and the States. The amendments proposed by the Department of Personnel and Training, Government of India, will take away the liberty of the States to deny consent for handing over civil servants for Central deputation.

Instances of shifting tides towards combative federalism:

  • The shift of Indian federalism from co-operative to combative has been one of the major changes in Indian polity since the present government assumed power at the Centre with a brute majority.
  • The expression ‘combative federalism’ was used by former Uttarakhand Chief Minister immediately after his government was dismissed under Article 356 of the Constitution by President’s proclamation.
  • Immediately thereafter, the Centre started wielding power by interfering with the affairs of the States using the Governor’s office.

There are instances that investigations agencies went against to political leaders of state governments, purportedly for political reasons, into the functioning of the State governments have caused considerable dent in the federal architecture of the country.

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