DMPQ- Simultaneous Elections can prevent India from continuous hangover of Electioneering. Do you agree with the statement.

Simultaneous elections has been recommended by current Prime minister. The simultaneous elections was the phenomenon till 1967. But later on the system was diluted due to rise of regional parties and coalition governments coming and succeeding. This was the natural by product of our representative and diverse democracy.

Benefits of Simultaneous election:

  • Safeguard from massive recurring expenditure on conducting elections.
  • Continuous electioneering mode prevent any long term policy implementation and formulation. Government at centre tries to woo voters and result is the populist policies which are anti to the long term development.
  • During election, chances of hate speech increases which led to tensed atmosphere and does not augur with the peaceful society.
  • simultaneous elections would free crucial manpower which is often deployed for prolonged periods on election duties.
  • Continuous operation of Model code of Conduct pacify the process of governance.

But Simultaneous elections is neither desirable democratically and neither characterised the representative democracy. As the implementation of SE will lead to constitutional issue. For example what if state government does not get absolute majority?. The national elections will eclipse the ground issues which will lead to differential targeting of issues. Regional parties will be the major sufferer as they will be have nothing to offer on National issue during canvassing.

Hence, Electoral reforms accompanied by efficient and independent enforcement agency is the need of the hour.


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