Tourism policy, potential and initiative in Himachal Pradesh

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Tourism policy, potential and initiative in Himachal Pradesh

Tourism policy 2015

Policy objectives are as follows:

  • To establish Himachal Pradesh as a leading tourist destination in the country and abroad;
  • To make tourism a prime engine for economic development and prosperity of the State and as a major means for providing  employment;
  • To encourage a strong and sustainable private sector participation in creation of tourism infrastructure especially through public private partnerships;
  • To promote sustainable tourism, which is not only environmentally compatible but also leads to economic  betterment of the rural people;
  • To attract quality tourist and to increase their stay in the State;
  • To safeguard the State’s natural and manmade heritage ;
  • To encourage civil societies & non-governmental organizations for promotion & the conducting of tourism related activities;Tourism policy, potential and initiative in Himachal Pradesh
  • To position Himachal Pradesh as a one stop destination for  adventure tourism.

Tourist potential in himachal Pradesh

There is a great potential of tourism in Himachal Pradesh. Its unique customs, traditions, cultural and above all the natural attractions and topography provide excellent opportunities for tourism development. Its people have preserved the religion, customs traditions and architecture since time immoral. Its distinctive culture and a way of life is also important. It abounds in temples with distinct hill architecture that would certainly attract many visitors. Its traditional dances and music are loved by all. Its varied and spectacular scenery including snowcapped mountains, glaciers, geysers, boiling pools, unique glow worm caverns, beautiful lakes, appealing mountains with exciting wildlife and a manifestation of history which goes back to more than five hundred years provide wide scope of the development of tourism.

Tourism industry in Himachal Pradesh has wide scope to flourish and provide a new direction to the economy of the state. Tourism potential is only next to hydro-electric power potential in the state. There is sufficient opportunities for wildlife lovers and sportsmen. It is a paradise for trekkers, climbers and other ardent devotees of the spirit of adventure on account of its topography and terrain. The adventure sports like trekking, mountaineering, rock-climbing, heli-skiing, hang gliding, skiing, water sports including water skiing, river-rafting, fishing, golf etc. can be perused here. These sports remained largely undiscovered by adventurers till fairly recently. Even, presently, it has been attracting some enthusiastic sportsmen from all over the world.

Himachal is a place of unique interest for travelers of all types with varying interests. Primarily a mountain state, it is endowed with cool and clear lakes, lofty mountains and fauna, pretty flowers, ancient and beautiful temples and of course, people, who are as innocent as nature itself.

Tourism initiatives taken by government in himachal Pradesh

New circuits development

Corporate circuits

  • Parwanoo-Dharampur-Kumarhatti-Kasauli
  • Khajjiar

Health circuits

  • Chail-Palampur-Joginder nagar-Kullu
  • Vashisht-Tattapani
  • Dharamshala-McLeodGanj-Kaza

Adventure circuits

  • Barot-Shillai-Shikari Devi
  • Khajjiar-Sujanpur Thira-Nadaun- Kufri
  • Marhi-Narkanda

Cultural tourism and Religious tourism

  • Hindu temple circuit- Jwalamukhi-Brajeshwari-Chintpurni-Naina DeviBaijnath-Manimahesh-Chaurasi temples.
  • Buddhist circuits- Dharamshala/Tabo Monastery/ Tabo/Dharamshala Kinnaur / Sangla Valley / Tabo Monastery/ Kinnaur Dharamshala/ Pangi /Leh/ Dharamshala

New infrastructure projects

Transport Road projects

apart from those already being done recommended at Kalpa, Sangla Valley and Ani.


Pumping stations and hill top storage, as well as check dams and small storage units are recommended.


VSAT based systems are recommended for round the year communication, as well as offering potential for education and commerce.

Sewerage & waste disposal

This will come under serious pressure with growth in tourism.


Based on the gaps, hotels have been recommended in most destinations. In addition, entertainment, shopping and handicrafts avenues have been recommended at various destinations.


 Would be needed at 2 new ski locations and one at Kinner Kailash


Upgradation of Shimla airport to an international airport.

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