Partition of India was inevitable and Mountbatten ensured that peaceful solution to the problem of Partition can be achieved. Discuss the Mountbatten Plan.( History)

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After the announcement of deadline by House of commons that British will left by 30th June, 1948 all the processes for peaceful resolutions were tried out.    But all the solutions went in vain and Partition was the only solution left. For peaceful partition, Mountbatten was appointed. He gave the  Mountbatten plan for Partition. Features of Mountbatten Plan:

  1. India would be divided, but in a manner that maximum unity was maintained.
  2. Pakistan would be created.
  3. Plan laid out the procedure by which power will be transferred.
  4. The Provincial legislative assembly of Bengal and Punjab would meet in two parts separately, one representing the Muslim Majority district and the other representing the remaining district, to decide by vote for the partition of the province.
  5. A provision of referendum was provided for in the case of NWPF and Muslim majority district of Sylhet.
  6. Setting up of boundary commission.
  7. State can enter unto political relation with the successor government.

Finally The congress working committee which met on 3rd June ,1947 approved the partition plan. The AICC which met in New Delhi on june14th-15th ratified the proposal.


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