Partition of Bengal was done citing administrative reasons but actually it was done to achieve political purpose. Elucidate (HISTORY)

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The provincial state of Bengal with much larger geographical area and a population of about 80million were difficult to be administered as a single province, hence the idea of partition wasproposed by Viceroy Lord Curzon.

Above administrative reason was not the actual cause to divide Bengal. Partition of Bengal was done for the following reasons:

  • To arrest the rising wave of nationalism of which Bengal was the epicenter.
  • Secondly, it was done in accordance with divide and rule policy. Hindus and Muslims were left as minority in their own Bengali speaking community.
  • Muslim league was created with the stated objective that interest of muslims and hindu are different.

So it can be concluded that in reality the class or economic divide was given communal colour by British to reap the benefit of hatred and rivalry among native Indians. The partition left a significant impact on the people of Bengal as well as the political scenario of the

Indian subcontinent. Communal dissonance grew between Hindus and Muslims of Bengal. However,the realisation of the British Divide and Rule policy led to political awakening in masses which led toSwadesi movement.


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