What is the role of NITI aayog?

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NITI aayog(National Institute for transforming India)  is a policy think tank of the Government of India to achieve sustainable development goals and to achieve cooperative cooperative federalism by enhancing the role of state government in the economic policy making and to make bottom up approach a reality.

The role of NITI aayog will be:

  • Bring Inclusivity in the policy making by acting as collaborating platform.
  • It will act as the friend, philosopher and guide for the state. Here, best practices among the state can be shared and can be implemented.
  • It will help to integrate data and the analysis of the data to make policies more efficient.
  • Designing policies more grounded in reality will be another aspect. Bringing reality and innovation in policy making.
  • It will help to bring harmony between state and centre rather than confonntative federalism. The idea is to make team India.


Over the last 6 and half decades, India has underwent a paradigm shift and there was the need of new institution to function as a catalyst of the development process nurturing and overall enabling environment through holistic approach to development.


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