DMPQ: If poverty is a problem, rural poverty poses a greater threat . In this context discuss the reasons for rural poverty.

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India is mainly a rural country. Nearly 68% of the people reside in the rural area. The reasons for rural poverty are multi dimensional. The reasons are social, economical, geographical.


  1. Economic cause
  • Low agricultural productivity.
  • Over reliance on agriculture.( quote the data)
  • Unequal distribution of land and other assets
  • Decline of Village industries
  • Immobility of labor
  • Lack of inhouse employment opportunities


  1. Social cause
  • Poor education infrastructure
  • Caste system
  • Joint family system
  • Social customs: pressure on pocket
  • Lack of access to formal credit, Under money lenders, Evergreen indebtedness
  1. C) Geographical Reason
  • Heterogenous availability of resources( quote data)
  • Lack of irrigation facilities( quote data)
  • Monoculture, lack of diversification
  • Regional imbalance
  • Poor exploitation of minerals
  • Poor fertility of land
  • Poor agricultural growth
  • Natural climate calamities like cyclone, thunderstorm and increase in their intensity due to climate change
  1. Demographic factors:
  • Rapid growth of Population(quote data)
  • Size of the family( TFR)


  1. Governance related
  • Poor PDS system
  • Poor capital formation
  • Poorly targeted poverty alleviation schemes
  • High corruption
  • Poor infra: education, health etc.
  • Lethargic approach towards revival of MSME
  • Microscopic approach on diversification of agriculture
  • Politicisation of policies like loan waiver




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