DMPQ: Development is a myth without rendering women equality. Discuss in the context with women participation in labor force.

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There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. Development is incomplete without rendering gender equality. It is a myth when 50% of the biological stream is lagging behind due to unavailability of equality of opportunity.

According to the economic survey 2017-18, there are 24% women workforce as compared to men. This proportion is on decline when we are on the path of high economic growth though the participation of women in the higher education has increased steadily to 46% from 34% in 2007.

There are various causes for low women participation the one being the cultural baggage of not allowing women to pursue their jobs. They are forced to indulge in marriage, taking care of elderly. Rich families do not allow or permit to go for job. Most of the labor workforce in women comes from primary sector in general and agriculture sector in particular. The agriculture sector is not able to impart empowerment because of sector’s own problem of low productivity, stagnation.

According to a report there is a loss of 27% of GDP due to denial of the opportunity to the women. Women face problems regarding marriage. But coming out of marriage is a daunting task. Even the thought of embarking on it without financial independence is terrifying. Hence there is need to look into this aspect. The empowered women is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.


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