DMPQ: What are the issues with Service sector in Rajasthan? Provide solution to address those issues?

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The service sector provides a service, not an actual product that could be held in your hand. Activities in the service sector include retailbankshotelsrealestateeducationhealthsocialworkcomputer services, recreationmediacommunications, electricity, gas and water supply. Services contribute 47.41% to the GDP in Rajasthan. Even tough service sector growth rate is 9.90%. It is facing some issues such as:

  • Infrastructure bottlenecks: Power shortage , lack of quality roads and highways especially village roads is an issue. There is a lack of adequate infrastructure which creates hurdles in setting up of Industries.
  • Quality of soft skills is not developed to its potential. Rajasthan has huge potential for tourism. Hence, soft skills in Human resource can certainly boost up the sector.
  • Lack of scaling up of traditional industries like art and craft industries eg Bagru prints, Kishangarh paintings. Less use of Digital platform to provide commercial access to these product.
  • Service trade barriers, unavailability of single window clearance


  • Create investor friendly environment
  • Infrastructure enhancement: Like DMIC, make use of UDAAN scheme to utilise the potential of inactive airports.
  • World class institute for imparting soft skills to person engaged in hospitality sector.
  • Removal of trade barriers by providing single window clearance
  • Use cooperative federalism to learn from other developed state and use competitive federalism too attract investor from domestic and international arena.
  • Government of Rajasthan should come up with more innovative advertising skills like Jane kya dikh jaye for tourism



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