DMPQ Premium-What are the challenges of urbanization in Himachal pradesh?

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Urbanisation is an inevitable part of growth for Himachal in the approaching years, will be a major trial. Unless proper initial planning is done, probabilities of retrieving benefits of development for urban residents are austere. The state is least urbanized throughout the country. Greater economic opportunity and educational prospects are being offered by the state, but the urban areas lack in terms of social and human development outcomes.

Foreseeing the growth of migratory population in the urban areas, the state arose as a home to migrants from different parts of the country and the world, including Nepal, but there is no complete data of migrants and only small regional level surveys are conducted from time to time. As urbanization comes with an environmental costs, the need for striking a balance between needs to grow along with social and environmental sustainability should be focused upon. Economic alteration and changes in population will also pose a major challenge for the state. “In spite of constructive approach of people towards economic development, their role in the future development can be conditional.

Himachal is well suited to strive on its preceding success and continue moving forward, but the future strategies should focus on rapid and effective response to expanding population and fulfilling their basic needs, without leaving a large carbon footprint for the future generations. Some major problems which are seen in the area because of urbanization are:

  • Deterioration in the quality of air, water and agricultural land.
  • Solid & Hazardous waste management issues
  • Law & Order Problems
  • Noise Pollution
  • River Bed mining
  • Poor living conditions
  • Housing shortage
  • haphazard construction in industrial areas
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