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Total Population of Gaddi tribe is about 1.78 lakhs and about 45.4% of ST population of State. The concentration of these Gaddis tribes is mainly found on both sides of the Dhauladhar Range of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Quite a number of Gaddi tribes also dwell mainly in the Brahmaur region of Chamba District, in the higher regions of the Ravi River and also the valleys of the Budhil River. Other regions include Kangra district, chiefly in the villages of the Tota Rani, Khaniyara, close to Dharamsala.

  • The origin of these Gaddi tribes has a rich history behind the development of this tribal community. It has been assumed that the Gaddi tribes came down from emigrants who had taken refuge in the plain lands of Indian Territory.
  • Most of he Gaddi tribal people are the worshiper of Lord Shiva.
  • There are people of several other castes in the whole of the Gaddi tribal society namely Thakur, Khatri, Brahmin, Dhangar, Rajput, and Rana.
  • The people of this tribal community are oriented towards religion as well as spiritualism. Both the religions of Hinduism Gaddi Tribal Customs and also Islam are being practiced by a large section of the Gaddi tribal community.
  • The majority of the Gaddi tribe speaks Gaddi language. For writing, however, this Gaddi tribal community uses Takri language. However, the language had gone into oblivion only few years back. Devangiri script is in vogue. Also under the impact of the modern day culture, the Gaddi tribal people have also mastered Hindi language.
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