DMPQ-. Discuss the advantages of technology in effective law enforcement.

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Technology has made life more convenient and enjoyable for the average person. Innovations trickle into every element of society as technological advancement continues to accelerate.  However, with all the good comes some bad and readily available technologies have made it easier for criminals to undermine the law. It is essential that policing agencies stay one step ahead by utilizing technological products. Without technology, law enforcement will be trailing behind criminal activity, unprepared for the risks and danger that these individuals bring to society.

Technological advancements, as outlined by Roberts, have provided the following benefits to policing agencies:

  • Access to historical information that can be easily queried Information in a database can be easily searched, and readily available to investigators, allowing agencies to carry out investigations with more precision and accuracy while limiting threats to officers.
  • Technology has contributed to having a more informed, efficient, and knowledgeable officer, who has the ability to spend more time on patrol and interfacing with the community.
  • Advance reporting capabilities enable officers to spend less time at their desk writing reports and recording information. It is much easier and timelier to create and edit reports with the electronic storing of information.
  • Communication among officers is more efficient.
  • Administrators are able to manage agency resources more efficiently, monitor crime trends and utilize assets with greater effectiveness.
  • Information sharing among agency members is needed to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and recover from many incidents that are becoming an increasing threat to the safety of communities. Information sharing provides effective incident response and management, supporting the daily operations of agencies at all levels.


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