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Himachal Pradesh Economic Survey Report for 2022-23 tabled in assembly
Chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu presented the Himachal Pradesh Economic Survey 2022-23 in the Vidhan Sabha on Thursday which states that the state;s real GDP or GDP at Constant Prices will grow by over Rs 8,143 crore during the current financial year 2022-23 as compared to the previous financial year 2021-22.
CM Sukhu said this translates into growth in real GDP during Financial Year 2022-23 at 6.4 per cent as compared to 7.6 per cent in Financial Year 2021-22, according to first advance estimates of State Income. He said that Per Capita Income of Himachal Pradesh is more than the estimated National Per Capita Income for 2022-23 by Rs 51,607.
He said that state’s Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or GDP at Constant Prices (2011-12) in Financial Year 2022-23 is estimated to attain a level of Rs 1,34,576 crore, as against the provisional estimate of GDP for Financial Year 2021-22 of Rs 1,26,433 crore.
The nominal GDP or GDP at Current Prices in Financial Year 2022-23 is estimated to attain a level of Rs 1,95,404 crore, as against the provisional estimate of GDP for Financial Year 2021-22 of Rs 1,76,269 crore showing an absolute increase of Rs 19,135 crore. The growth in Nominal GDP during Financial Year 2022-23 is estimated at 10.9 per cent as compared to 13.5 per cent in Financial Year 2021-22.
As per advance estimates for Financial Year 2022-23, the Gross Value Added (GVA) from Primary Sector is likely to grow at a pace of 2.0 per cent at constant prices.
During financial year 2022-23 (AE), the GVA of Primary sector moved up to Rs 16,717 crore as against Rs 16,395 crore in Financial Year 2021-22 (FR) at constant prices. As per advance estimates for Financial Year 2022-23 the GVA of the secondary sector is estimated at Rs 60,444 crore against Rs 56,408 crore for Financial Year 2021-22(FR) at constant (2011-12) prices, expected to register a growth rate of 7.2 per cent over the previous year.
The chief minister said that the Services sector has a significant and fast growing share in the State’s GVA. The advance estimates for the Financial Year 2022-23 at Constant (2011-12) prices for Services Sector is estimated at Rs 49,527 crore as against Rs 46,350 crore in Financial Year 2021-22(FR) showing a growth rate of 6.9 per cent over last year.
According to advance estimates, the Per Capita Income at current prices for Financial Year 2022-23 is estimated at Rs 2.22,227 against Rs 2,01,271 in 2021-22 showing a growth rate of 10.4 per cent as against 13.1 per cent in 2021-22(FR)
Rs 330 crore package for onion, potato farmers announced in Gujarat
Agriculture minister Raghavji Patel told the assembly that Gujarat is likely to produce 19.28 lakh metric tonnes of onions, of which 7 lakh tonnes of red onions are likely to arrive in markets during the rabi crop.
This would mean that a farmer could get a maximum of Rs 50,000 if he sells the onions in APMCs. Also, the farmers will get aid of Rs 20 crore for transportation (of the produce) to other states and abroad.
The minister said that the government has also decided to provide financial aid of Rs 240 crore to potato growers affected by a fall in prices due to high production. He said the production of potatoes exceeded by 2 lakh metric tonnes, and the total output is estimated to be around 40.26 lakh metric tonnes.
Nepal elects Ram Chandra Paudel as its next president
Ram Chandra Paudel has been elected to serve as the new president of Nepal. According to the Nepalese Election Commission, he received 33,800 electoral votes, while his opponent, Subash Chandra Nembwang, received 15,500 votes. Ram Chandra Paudel received votes from 352 members of provincial assemblies and 214 members of parliament.
An electoral college made up of representatives from the federal parliament and the provincial assembly chooses the president. The overall number of electors in Nepal’s presidential election is 882, including 550 representatives from each of the country’s seven provincial assembly and 332 members of the parliament. As Nepal’s new president, he will take over from Bidya Devi Bhandari.
India needs to develop both offensive and defensive space capabilities: IAF chief
India needs to develop “both offensive and defensive space capabilities to safeguard our assets”, Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhari said on Tuesday, in the backdrop of China furiously building and deploying anti-satellite weapons from direct ascent missiles and co-orbital killers to directed-energy laser weapons and electronic jammers.
India did successfully test an anti-satellite (A-Sat) interceptor missile to destroy the 740-kg Microsat-R satellite, at an altitude of 283-km in the low earth orbit (LEO), under “Mission Shakti” in March 2019.
Rs 8,800 crore assets seized in 5,931 I-T searches in 8 years: Govt
The government on Monday told the Lok Sabha that the income tax department has seized assets of over Rs 8,800 crore during the 5,931 search operations conducted by it between 2014-15 and 2021-22.
648 disclosures involving undisclosed foreign assets worth Rs 4,164 crore were made under the one-time three months compliance window, which closed on 30 September. 2015. Penalty and tax from this added up to Rs 2,476 crore.
India received Golden & Silver Star at ‘Golden City Gate Tourism Awards
The International Golden City Gate Tourism Awards 2023 in the categories of “TV/Cinema Commercials International and Country International” were won by the Indian Ministry of Tourism and Government of India, respectively. As part of a global effort on advertising in the post-Covid period to reopen opportunities in India, the award has been granted to promotional films/television ads made by the Ministry.
Each year, the tourism and hospitality industries compete for the Golden City Gate Tourism Multi-Media Awards in a number of categories. The “Golden City Gate” is an international creative multi-media competition for nations, cities, regions, and hotels. An international panel made up of professionals in the film and tourism industries judges the submissions submitted for the prizes. The premier tourism trade show in the world, ITB Berlin, is the location of the yearly award presentation.
Asia’s largest 4-metre liquid mirror telescope inaugurated in Uttarakhand
In another scientific milestone for India, Asia’s largest 4-metre International Liquid Mirror Telescope (ILMT) was inaugurated at Devasthal in Uttarakhand.
The telescope is located at an altitude of 2,450 metre on the Devasthal Observatory campus of Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), an autonomous institute under the Science and Technology (DST) department, in Nainital district. The ILMT, which achieved its first light in the second week of May 2022, is now ready to explore the deep celestial sky. The telescope was designed and built by the Advanced Mechanical and Optical Systems (AMOS) Corporation and the Centre Spatial de Lie’ge in Belgium.
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