DMPQ:India is a federation with a strong centre. Comment.

Groundwater contamination is the adulteration of water because of the increase in the concentration of certain pollutants. The major pollutants contributing to contamination are Arsenic, fluoride, Iron, uranium , nitrate etc. Causes of groundwater contamination are: Natural: Groundwater naturally contains high amount of pollutant due to geological formation. For example occurrence of fluoride is related … Read more

DMPQ: Discuss the problems associated with coal mining in India.

Coal is an important raw material for heavy industries. Its abundance ensures a rapid industrial growth.  But coal mining has its own cost and it has negative externalities. Major problem with coal mining is threat to environment. Open cast mining results in air pollution because of coal dust and coal transportation leading to suspended particulate … Read more

DMPQ: What do you understand by the term soil erosion and soil degradation? what are the causes of soil erosion? List down the solution to curb soil erosion.

Soil erosion : It is the process by which top layer of soil gets removed thus affecting the productivity by altering the structure of the soil. It is a natural process but human intervention has accentuated the rate of depletion of soil wealth. Soil Degradation:  It is a process through which qualitative degradation of soil … Read more

Discuss the challenges of Indian Agriculture and present an outlook

Indian economy still is agro based economy and Indian society still remains agrarian society. Contribution of agriculture in GDP has declined but its importance and significance has not declined. But some fundamental challenges are faced by Indian agriculture. Indian agriculture still remains the gamble of Indian Monsoon. Only 48% of the land has assured irrigation. … Read more

Enumerate the difference between Himalayan and Peninsular drainage system?

  S.No. Himalayan drainage Peninsular drainage 1. Perennial in nature. Seasonal in nature 2. Both snow fed and monsoon n fed Monsoon fed 3. Voluminous Less voluminous 4. Very large command area Less Command area 5. Himalayan river exhibits antecedent character Consequent character is exhibited 6. All Himalayan rivers form delta at the mouth Form … Read more

Tabulate the difference between western ghats and eastern ghats?

In this type of questions please try to make map of India and roughly show the location of western and eastern ghats. Basis Western Ghats Eastern Ghats Direction Run Parallel to west cost in north south direction Eastern ghats run in a north east to south west direction parallel to the eastern cost. Width Avg … Read more

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