DMPQ-Discuss different types of physical or Chemical weathering.

Chemical weathering can be due to solution, carbonation, hydration or oxidation/reduction. Solution When something is dissolved in water or acids, the water or acid with dissolved content is called a solution. This process involves the removal of solids in solution and depends upon the solubility of a mineral in water or weak acids. When coming … Read more

DMPQ-Write a short note on the different types of Seismic Waves.

The earthquake which originates in the lithosphere propagates different seismic waves or earthquake waves. Earthquake waves are basically of two types – body waves and surface waves. Body waves They are generated due to the release of energy at the focus and moves in all directions traveling through the body of the earth. Hence, the … Read more

DMPQ-Write an essay on the measurement of Earthquake waves.

Seismometers are the instruments which are used to measure the motion of the ground, which including those of seismic waves generated by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other seismic sources. A Seismograph is also another term used to mean seismometer though it is more applicable to the older instruments. The recorded graphical output from a seismometer/seismograph … Read more

DMPQ-Describe the different types of Volcanos.

Volcanoes are classified on the basis of nature of eruption and the form developed at the surface. Shield Volcanoes  They are far and wider. They extend to great height as well as distance. They are the largest of all volcanoes in the world as the lava flows to a far distance. The Hawaiian volcanoes are … Read more

DMPQ-Write a short note on the Climatic Significance of Jet streams.

They have an immense influence on local and regional weather conditions.  There is a close relationship between the intensity of temperate cyclones and jet streams. Severe storms occur when Jet streams interfere with surface wind systems.  They also help in giving a relatively clear picture of the occurrence of the events of El Nino and … Read more

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