DMPQ: India’s NPA problem is a chronic problem and exist at a larger scale then peer countries then what factors didn’t allow Indian economy to collapse? (economic)

the reasons are as follows:   Unlike east Asian crisis, Indian economy was on economic growth path with slight interruption. India maintained and followed strong prudential norms in terms of offering of credit. Boom period didn’t become the excuse for reckless loan giving. There were also control over the cooperates to take loan from foreign … Read more

Indian economy is facing lot of challenges including structural challenges. Outline the structural challenges of Indian economy.

Structural challenges :  definition   Redistribution:  intrinsic limitation in terms of the effectiveness of targeting. State capacity: to handle its domain of delivering on health and education remain impaired for maximum number of states. Competitive federalism failed to idealised a model of delivery of essential services like health and education. Competitive populism needs a counterpart … Read more

Lack of access to sanitation is widespread and well documented. The burden faced by women and girls are more due to deficiency in sanitation facility. Comment

There are disproportionate burden that falls on women and girls due to deficiencies in sanitation facilities.A rapid study conducted in 2016 by WASH Institute and Sambodhiprovides some insight on the burden faced by women:   76 percent of women had to travel a considerable distance to use these facilities. 33 percent of the women have … Read more

Explain the different type of subsidies as per WTO agreements

Ans:  Green Box Subsidies: The subsidies which cause no, or at most minimal, trade distorting effects or effects on production. These subsidies are permitted under WTO regime, for instance; Government services such as research, disease control, and infrastructure and food security.   Amber Box Subsidies : All domestic support measures considered to distort production and … Read more

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