DMPQ: What are the efforts taken by Central government to control inflation? (economics)

  Advisories are being issued, to state govt. to take strict action against hoarding and black marketing and effectively enforcing the essential commodities act,1980 for commodities in short supply. Regular review meeting on price and availability situation, inter ministerial committee, price stabilisation fund management committee. Higher MSP so as to incentivise production and thereby enhance … Read more

DMPQ: As India emerges as one of the world ‘s largest economies, it needs to gradually move from being a net consumer of knowledge to becoming a net producer. Discuss the issue attached with Expenditure on Science and Technology?

Issues attached :   As a proportion of GDP expenditure on Science and Tech has been stagnated. It is between 0.6-0.7% of GDP over the past two decades. Expenditure is skewed in favour of Atomic energy, space, earth science , Biotechnology and the expenditure on ICMR is on decline. As compared to its peer competitors, … Read more

DMPQ: Explain the following terms: (Economy)

Withholding tax: A tax imposed on the income on a foreign portfolio (investments). This tax is imposed to discourage foreign investments, to encourage domestic investment, and to raise money for the government.   Venture capital: Generally, a private equity capital which lends capital to the entrepreneurs who are innovative and cannot get the required fund … Read more

DMPQ: What are the aims of the trade policy of India ?

Foreign Trade Policy of India has always focused on substantially increasing the country’s share of global merchandise trade. Accordingly the Government of India has been taking various steps towards boosting its trade with the rest of the world by adopting policies and procedures which would help to increase and facilitate both exports and imports with … Read more

DMPQ: Give mains reasons of regional imbalance.

Causes of Regional Imbalances in India: 1. Historical factors: British regime 2. Geographical factors : Natural factors 3. Failure of planning: Although balanced growth has been accepted as one of the major objectives of economic planning in India, since the second plan on wards, but it did not make much headway achieving this object. 4. … Read more

DMPQ: What do you understand by decentralized planning?

Decentralized Planning is a type of planning where local organisations and institutions formulate, adopt, execute actions and supervise the plan without interference by the central body. Decentralized planning in the State operated mainly through the following institutions and instruments; Grama Sabha (GS): People’s participation in decentralization was sought to be ensured mainly through meetings of … Read more

DMPQ: Knowledge based economy has huge potential to grow with sustained rate. But there are concerns with Indian as an eligible country for knowledge based economy. Discuss.

USA is a knowledge based economy which is growing at a sustained rate. This type of economy adds more value to its available resources and hence ensure better growth.   The major concern with India in realising the potential of knowledge base economy are:   Lack of adequate funds for investing in R&D sector. Our … Read more

DMPQ: RBI has taken several steps to deal with stressed asset problems. Discuss the steps taken by the RBI. Also comment on their success.

Steps taken by RBI:   Establishment of private Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) Many ARCs have been created, but they have solved only a small portion of the problem, buying up only about 5 percent of total NPAs.   Strategic debt restructuring scheme: under this creditors could take over firms that were unable to pay and … Read more

DMPQ: Low skill manufacturing is key to Indian success especially the clothing and manufacturing sector. Do you agree with the statement?

    Positives These sector are labour intensive and generate more labour per unit of capital infused. These sector have the potential for broader social transformation. These sector can also play crucial role in export and hence the overall growth. The creation of employment opportunities in these sector is far more inclusive and it address … Read more

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